2017 XCX a success!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! All in all, we would call 2017 a resounding success!


Thank you to all the racers that supported this inaugural event. The Alberta cycling community has continued to impress and inspire use. It’s never easy to put on an event, never mind an inaugural event, never mind an inaugural event that’s kinda weird. Thanks everyone for having our back!

The idea for this race was hatched on a long, hot, noisy, and busy drive on the German Autobahn. It started with a discussion of which bike was better to tackle the thousands of kilometres of dirt road in the Black Forest and ended up as a plan to run a race where riders were forced to choose a bike and follow a slightly different course based on that choice. Hopefully what materialised in the end was close to that vision. We think it was. We’ll keep thinking about it over the next year and see if we can’t improve things going forward.

Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up to help us pull off this monstrosity of a race. Races don’t happen because of the hard work of a few people. They happen because a huge group of people see an opportunity to help create something special to benefit the entire racing community. Without volunteers, there is no racing, whether the racers show up or not. THANK YOU volunteers!

Some highlights from the weekend that you may or may not have heard about:

  • We had racers actually register for our race, knowing full well that they couldn’t make it, just to support the event! Did I mention that Alberta cycling is awesome?
  • We had volunteers drive down from Edmonton just to help us make sure the event happened!
  • We had 115 racers sign up and only 15 that didn’t show up to race (4 of which I know were because of injuries). This is probably the smallest proportion of DNS riders I’ve seen at an event I’ve organised.
  • We also had 15 DNFs. One word people: tubeless.
  • We had three bear sightings on course and nobody got eaten. Win.
  • On the podium, we had a good mix of cyclocross and mountain bikes, including:
    • 1/3 on CX bikes in the Men’s Full Marathon
    • 1/3 on CX bikes in the Women’s Full Marathon
    • 2/3 on CX bikes in the Men’s 40+ Full Marathon
    • 2/3 on CX bikes in the Men’s Half Marathon
    • 3/3 on CX bikes in the Women’s Half Marathon
  • We saw at least 3 people finish laps running. One went into the finish (and made the podium!) and the other two went back out to finish their race!

You can see all the 2017 race photos here and you can find the results here.


Don’t get stuck with a XXXL shirt

We have to place our t-shirt order pretty soon here. To make sure you 1) actually get a shirt, and 2) get the size that you want, be sure to register (either as a racer or volunteer) by Sunday, August 19th.

We will be making a single t-shirt order and will make our best guess at numbers and sizes. Priority for shirt sizes will be based on order of registration, with volunteers getting supreme priority, of course!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 2.11.11 PM

Why pink, you ask? Here’s why: my 6-year-old son one day refused to wear one of his shirts that has pink stripes on it. He said that kids at school told him that pink was a “girl colour”. Naturally, I replied that this is B.S. and that I would prove it to him by making the race shirts pink, for both the boys and girls.

So yeah. It’s pink. And if you’re a dude that won’t wear it because “pink is for girls”, go back to kindergarten.


We’re online!

Here we go folks!

It may be the dead of winter in Alberta (okay, it looks and feels more like summer at the moment), but we’re furiously at work getting things sorted out for this ridiculous endeavour. So stick with us, offer to help us out if you like and, of course, go riding.