Minor course change for 2018

We’ve modified the course a bit for 2018 to avoid some sketchy/annoying stuff. The new map section below shows the change. Basically, CXers take COYOTE around to BANFF TRAIL instead of taking KING OF SWEDEN -> MEADOW (2-way) -> FREDDY’S FLIP.

The MTBers turn off on EKG as before, but now follow EKG a bit farther to the ELEVATOR SHAFT turnoff, then down to reconnect with COYOTE.

This change avoids the sketchy corner on FREDDY’S (surface is worse this year), avoids the 2-way traffic on MEADOW (yay, no pylons to haul out on course!), and slightly extends the MTB singletrack.

Course should be reasonably marked towards the end of the week and fully marked by the weekend. Pre-riding the course is recommended as there are some steep and loose sections that you’ll want to check out before race day. A complete map and GPX file for the new course is posted here.


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