Don’t get stuck with a XXXL shirt

We have to place our t-shirt order pretty soon here. To make sure you 1) actually get a shirt, and 2) get the size that you want, be sure to register (either as a racer or volunteer) by Sunday, August 19th.

We will be making a single t-shirt order and will make our best guess at numbers and sizes. Priority for shirt sizes will be based on order of registration, with volunteers getting supreme priority, of course!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 2.11.11 PM

Why pink, you ask? Here’s why: my 6-year-old son one day refused to wear one of his shirts that has pink stripes on it. He said that kids at school told him that pink was a “girl colour”. Naturally, I replied that this is B.S. and that I would prove it to him by making the race shirts pink, for both the boys and girls.

So yeah. It’s pink. And if you’re a dude that won’t wear it because “pink is for girls”, go back to kindergarten.


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